STEM Storage Cart

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Why We Designed This

This sturdy cart is designed to provide plenty of storage with 23 tubs for maker materials, robotics and manipulatives. The different colored tubs aid color coding and all the tubs can be removed from the cart. The removable, dry erase board is perfect for collaboration and sketching out ideas. The frame is designed with strong 1” tubing and includes large 5” casters that move easily over almost any surface and stand up to the rigors of being maneuvered throughout a school. This cart can hold up to 90lbs! Great for makerspace storage!

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  • Sturdy frame designed to be moved throughout a school
  • Divided Tubs, 12 Small Open Tubs to keep books and other materials tidy (each tub holds 10lbs)
  • 8 Tiny Tubs to hold pencils, markers and other small materials
  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • Removable double sided dry erase board
  • 5” casters (2 locking) to easily move over carpet and other floor surfaces 


  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • The lined dry erase board allows you to use it like chart paper, saving many trees over the lifetime of the dry erase board.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Keep your product in use longer, rather than sending your entire product to the landfill by using our Replacement Parts Program.
  • Finished with this product? Please follow the suggestions on our Product Lifecycle page.


  • The packaging of this product is 100% plastic free.
  • Frame measures 40" (102cm) H x 51" (130cm) W x 22.5" (57cm) D 
  • Dry erase board measures 36" (91cm) L x 25" (64cm) W x 1 1/2" (4cm) D
  • Divided Tubs measure 6" (15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4" (40cm)   
  • Tiny Tubs Measure 4" (10cm) H x 3" (13cm) W x  3" (8cm) D
  • UPC: 664678001594

Educator's Reviews

The Copernicus STEM Storage Cart is an amazing product!  As an elementary school STEAM specialist without a dedicated classroom, this cart is powerful!  Any classroom can be transformed into a functional STEAM lab with this cart.  The wheels and casters are heavy-duty and high quality.  The cart rides smoothly and with ease, even when fully packed.  Manipulatives are always at hand and easily accessible to my students.  The setup took about 90 minutes.  The directions were helpful and easy to follow.

I want my students to have a sense of ownership over their materials, and in turn, their learning.  This cart allows me to do just that.  Students can see all materials at their disposal and everything is so nicely organized, that it is easy for them to pitch in and help to reorganize after class.  STEAM should be hands-on and collaborative.  Because the bins can so seamlessly pop in and out of the cart, students can take their materials to work around the room or on the floor gathered around the bins.  They really had STEAM teachers and eager students in mind when they designed this cart.

-Danielle P, STEAM Specialist (1-6), Council Rock School District