Primary Teaching Easel

$453.50 USD
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Why We Designed This

The Primary Teaching Easel is a valuable tool for early childhood and primary teachers to orchestrate and store lessons. With room for two little learners, multiple independent and group lessons are a breeze. This easel has an extra long front dry-erase board that measures 40” H x 28” W to accommodate little learners.

See our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks.


  • Front magnetic dry erase board
  • Rear removable felt board
  • Ultra-Safe premium book ledge locks into multiple positions
  • 4 Small Open Tubs for lesson storage 
  • Snap-on chart paper and felt board hooks
  • Big Book and Tub Racks
  • 2” locking casters


Tips for Eco-Friendly Use

  • To make sure your dry erase board lasts as long as possible, use non-abrasive cleaners and erasers, do not use permanent markers, and do not put tape on the board.


  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Utilize our Whiteboard Replacement Program or our Replacement Parts Program to keep your product in use longer.
  • Finished with this product? Please follow the suggestions on our Product Lifecycle page.


  • The packaging of this product is predominantly plastic free, and we are actively exploring alternative materials for plastic cable ties. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.
  • Frame Measures 58" (147cm) H x 30" (76cm) W x 31 1/2" (80cm) D
  • Front Magnetic Dry Erase Board Measures 40" (102cm)H x 28" (71cm) W
  • Felt Board Measures 32" (81cm) H x 24" (61cm) W
  • Small Open Tub Measures  6" (15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) Wx 15 3/4" (40cm) D
  • Lifetime Warranty on easel components
  • 5 year on whiteboards (more information on our whiteboard replacement parts program)
  • UPC: 664678000801