Tech Tub Standard - Holds 6 iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter

(TEC601C-8) $193.00 Currency

  • Tech Tub Standard - Holds 6 Devices with USB-C 20W Adapter
  • Tech Tub Standard - Holds 6 Devices with USB-C 20W Adapter (closed)
  • Tech Tub Standard - Holds 6 Devices with USB-C 20W Adapter (inside cable organization)

Why We Designed This

Tech Tub for iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter.

For many classrooms, their device security system is simply locking the door at the end of the day. This new mid-range, top loading model is ideal for these environments and at a lower cost than our premium models. It has all the features of the premium models, including a padlock for securing the devices inside. The only difference is there is no locking block and pin to secure the tub to surfaces.

Tech Tub®  Standard has the capability to charge up to 6 iPads® . It makes sharing small sets of devices easy within a classroom or throughout a school. Adjustable dividers can accommodate most cases and the side cable channel helps keep cords neat, tidy and lined up with each device.

See how Tech Tub2 is helping districts with device deployment for remote learning.

Need help picking the right Tech Tub® solution? Check out our easy-to-use guide and compatibility chart

    • Supports iPads including iPad 8.
    • Adjustable dividers to accommodate up to six devices and cases
    • Cable management channel to keep cables organized, out of sight, and in-line with each device 
    • Made from highly durable, heat resistant ABS plastic and vented to ensure airflow
    • 6 outlet internal power strip
    • One padlock with keys
    • Cable management for power strip cord (on back)
    • Locking block and pin not included
    • Tech Tub® Outside Measurements: 16"(41cm) H x 12 1/2"(32cm) W x 16"(41cm) D 
    • UPC: 664678002386
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • All electrical components are UL or ETL listed for use in Canada and the USA, documentation can be provided if necessary.

    • USB hub options – The charging cables that are provided with new iPads (USB-C to lightning connector) won't plug into our USB hubs.  However, if the standard cable is replaced with a USB-A to lighting cable (like the one supplied with older iPads) then the iPad will be able to both charge and sync through our USB hub. 

      Please note that the charging time will be significantly longer with our USB hub than it would be with the 20W adapter that is provided with iPads now--approximately 8-9 hours for a full charge, based on our internal testing. We have not tested other tablets that use USB-C charging, but we would expect a similar charge time for devices with the same power requirements.

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