About Recycled Plastic Lumber

Your sink, mud kitchen, bench or table is sustainably-made with 100% recycled plastic from bags, bottle tops and cups!

Why use recycled plastic lumber?

Recycled plastic lumber diverts plastic waste that would be filling up our landfills or worse, escaping the waste system and ending up in our waterways and natural ecosystems. It also reduces the impact of acquiring and creating new materials, which produces a great deal of greenhouse gases. Did you know plastic is made from fossil fuels?

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Photo: Transfer station at Waste Resource Innovation Center in Guelph, Ontario.


Resources and activities:

We hope you find these resources helpful when building your lesson plans. They include activities that connect students with nature, craft ideas and tips on how to reduce waste.



Can you believe these are made with thousands of plastic bags and bottle tops?!

Our Outdoor Mud Kitchen is made with the equivalent of 5,869 plastic bags!

Our Outdoor Tables and Benches are made with the equivalent of 6,364-35,819 plastic bags!

Our Outdoor Planter Benches are made with the equivalent of 47,727 plastic bags!


How recycled plastic lumber is made:

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Three tips for making an impact with household waste


Avoid buying products with excessive or non-recyclable packaging.


Rinse off recyclables before sorting them. The cleaner they are, the easier they are to recycle.

Properly sort your waste so the recyclables are separated.

More teacher resources are coming soon!