Tech Tub2® Modular Cart with USB - holds 24 devices

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Why We Designed This

Looking for an iPad 8 (USB-C) charging solution? Please see our Tech Tub2 Modular Cart for iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter.

See how Tech Tub is helping districts with device deployment for remote learning.

Lightweight Modular Carts move effortlessly over thresholds making it easy to share sets of devices throughout a school. This Modular Cart can charge and store up to 24 devices. With a tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart. For use within a classroom or placed in a central location where individual tubs can be signed out. They are ideal for schools that share devices, or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks.

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Download the student name labels for the Tech Tub2 - 6 Device Tub.


  • Sturdy cart with two handles for ease of mobility
  • Includes 4 Tech Tubs®  that store and charge 6 devices each (4 x FTT700)
  • NEW Individual tubs can be locked together for added security
  • Tubs connect and break apart using clips (eases deployment bottlenecks)
  • 3-point door lock with 2 keys (for each tub)
  • Cable management on back
  • 4” locking casters
  • Power timer for charging (requires 1 outlet)
  • USB hubs that sync and charge iPads® 

Tech Tub2® features:

  • Two ergonomic handles on the door and back as well as a flip-up handle on the top
  • Holds all generations of iPads® (not including 8th gen)
  • Improved Easy-access storage tray for device adapters and power strip
  • Improved Easy-to-use side cable organizer
  • Adjustable shelves accommodate devices with and without cases
  • USB that charges devices with USB-A ports. Not compatible with USB-C ports.
  • Cable hooks on the back to manage the cord during transport
  • Made from durable high-impact ABS plastic
  • Ventilation holes throughout to prevent heat build-up
  • Mounting hardware to secure the tub to a surface
  • 3-point lock with 2 keys

*Please note: This product has a 10-port USB with USB “A” ports. It is not compatible with 2020 Apple iPad 10.2” and 2020 Apple iPad Air 10.9 (or any Apple products that require USB C port).


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  • We are working on removing all plastic from our packaging. Check back in with us soon to see our progress.
  • Measures: 43" (110 cm) H x 34" (88 cm) W x 19" (49 cm) D 
  • UPC: 664678001457
  • U.S. Design Patent D865691S
  • Please note: This product has a 10-port USB hub with USB “A” ports. It is not compatible with 2020 Apple iPad 10.2” and 2020 Apple iPad Air 10.9 (or any Apple products that require USB C port).

  • Lifetime warranty

Educator's Reviews

If you're looking for an easy way to store your iPads and tablets in your classroom, Tech Tubs are the answer! They have been designed to allow even the youngest students to easily open and close the door, plug the devices tangle-free and although they are compact, the Tech Tubs offer plenty of room to store devices.

-G. Landry, Kindergarten Teacher, @Edventurouslittleapples

We were looking for a lightweight solution for a classroom set of small laptops or iPads. Tech Tub2 gave us a solution with charging and security in a light weight box. We have since then made the Tech Tub2 part of our standard classroom setup. We now have more than 100 Tech Tubs full of laptops at several of our campus across the district. 

- Chris Malone, ACTC, Director of Technology, Grand Prairie I.S.D. TX

I’ve used Tech Tubs from Copernicus for years to manage Kindles, Chromebooks and iPads. Whatever plan our district implements, we know that Tech Tubs will assist us in managing devices in a way that can accommodate a variety of scenarios because of how adaptable they are.

- Jessica Meacham, Elementary STEAM Teacher, Southern Door County School District, WI
Twitter: @jessicameacham

The Tech Tubs have been a great, affordable solution that has enabled us to roll out our Chromebook initiatives.

- Larry DiPiano, Director of Technology, Eastern York School District, Wrightsville, PA


The second generation Tech Tub offers cable management that eliminates the frustration of searching for plugs when storing Chromebooks, which allows for more time spent on learning. It’s front loading design allows for multiple tubs to be stored on a single modular cart while having access to all bins without having to move any. The storage of multiple bins on one cart also makes travelling between classes more efficient especially since the effortless nature of the cart allows teachers and students to transport devices.  

-A. Novikow, Arthur Public School, Arthur, ON

Since getting the Tech Tub2 we have spent less money on new cables. They don't get trapped and pulled and stretched like they used to. Cable management is always an issue with my grade 2's and the version 2 takes all the guesswork out of which cable goes with which device.  The location and routing of the cables in these storage containers dramatically decreases the amount of time I need to spend on looking after the devices.  This means I get to spend more time on the lesson and less time with the tech. Copernicus you ROCK!  

-Mark Duke  O.C.T., Copernicus Mastermind 

Learn more about our Masterminds here


Organization for students has NEVER been made easier! I no longer have thousands of cords all around my classroom trying to charge every iPad overnight. My students simply go straight to the Tech Tub2, slip in their device, attach it to a charger that is already inside. Before I leave, I lock it up. It's hassle-free, has only one cord, and has seamlessly made my job so much easier. 

-Yasmin B, 7-8th Grade Math Teacher, IL

As a school principal, I deployed 1:1 devices at the secondary and elementary levels. Today, my school works in a mobile lab learning configuration. Copernicus has developed the most versatile solution for securing and charging mobile devices in the market. We can easily move the mobile devices to where our students and teachers need them to be.

- Susan Wells, EdTech Strategist, Founder TechTerra Education, Retired School-based Administrator, NC

I have used my TechTub2 to store my classroom iPads for over 5 years now. I love that they are compact and versatile. They have helped keep my cords organized, my iPads contained, and my devices safe and locked up when needed. They are accessible to students and easy to use. I would highly recommend this product to other educators!

-Casey B, 4th Grade Teacher, Ohio, @organizeandeducate


Sometimes the thought of plugging in all the tablets for our school can be overwhelming. The Tech Tub 2 Premium Cart makes charging up our devices EASY and QUICK! Once the devices are in the cart, it’s just 1 plug into the wall to charge them all. The Premium Cart is smooth to transport in the hallways, and the front opening doors on the tubs, as well as the keyless locks, make the devices easily accessible for  students and staff.
- Kathleen La Selva, Library Technician, St. Joseph's School, Acton