Why We Designed This

A flat panel purchase is a big investment. Be sure to protect your investment with a cart that provides flexibility and durability – not all flat panel carts are created equal! Here’s why to choose iRover2®.

As education continues to shift to smaller class sizes and different configurations to accommodate physical distancing, classrooms are regularly rearranged to accommodate different learning scenarios. Webcams can be attached to the flat panel with our optional WebCam Mount to record and broadcast lessons to students learning remotely. An optional sound bar mount is also available to enhance and better project the audio. The frame is specifically designed for rugged school environments. The design and placement of the legs, along with the electric lift function support ease of access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations. Adjust and control the flat panel height so it can be easily viewed by different grade levels using the electric lift control.  

Thinking of purchasing a cart? Here are a few tools to help:

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What makes ours different from other flat panel carts?

  • Specifically designed for rugged school environments
  • Electric lift function to adjust the flat panel height with a 17” range so the flat panel can be easily viewed by different grade levels (requires power)
  • Durable 5” swivel casters to aid maneuverability (2 locking)

Other features

  • Low-profile ergonomic handles to aid mobility and protect the screen from bumps in transport
  • Laptop tray with a strap to secure laptop
  • The laptop tray fits securely onto either arm or the back and can be stored behind the flat panel during transport. Tray is suitable for all standard laptop sizes up to 17”
  • 1 Small Open Tub
  • It fits through most standard-size doorways
  • 6 outlet power strip (UL certified)
  • Hook and loop ties for cable management
  • Optional WebCam Mount* (IFP-WCM)
  • Optional Sound Bar Mount (IFP-ACS2)
  • Supports 55”-86” flat panels with a  maximum weight of 250lbs
  • Frame design supports ease of access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations
  • Handles can be removed for smaller spaces (laptop tray can mount to the back)

*Please note: Not compatible with models IFP300 or IFP500 made before June 2019. Not sure what model you have? Give us a call!


  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • Putting your flat panel on wheels allows sharing amongst classrooms, reducing your school's product impact and energy use.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Keep your product in use longer, rather than sending your entire product to the landfill by using our Replacement Parts Program.
  • Finished with this product? Please follow the suggestions on our Product Lifecycle page.


  • We are working on removing all plastic from our packaging. Check back in with us soon to see our progress.
  • Cart measures: 60” (152 cm) - 77”H (178 cm) x 68 5/8”W (175 cm) x 31 1/2”D  (80 cm) (excluding laptop tray)
  • Laptop tray measures 17”W (43 cm) x 13”D (33 cm)
  • UPC: 664678001235
  • UL Listing Pending
  • TAA Compliant
  • For TVs without a flat back (Ex. Promethean) spacer and longer VESA screws are required. Please contact our Customer Service and we will ship these to you.
  • Maximum Flat Panel Dimensions
  • Supports 55”- 86” flat panels with a maximum weight of 250lbs
  • Supported VESA: 300 x 200 (min) 800 x 700 (max)


  • Lifetime warranty on cart
  • 5 year warranty on electric lift

Educator's Reviews

Our favorite part is that we can easily adjust the height of the board...we can lower it for students to display work or we can raise it high so that it can be seen from anywhere in the classroom! It’s on wheels (that lock) with safety bumpers so it can be moved around the room if needed. We can’t wait to continue exploring all of the possibilities to enhance our learning environment!

-Katelyn Dawes, 2nd grade teacher, Columbus, OH @sharingsmilesinsecond

Our school’s iRover2 for Interactive Flat Panel Cart has everything that you need for a mobile device! I am the Instructional Coach at two schools and love how easy it is to move this cart throughout the school, the wheels are so durable for movement. The frame is ideal for teaching in multiple grades, having sturdy handles for kids of all ages, a durable laptop tray, a holder for hand sanitizer and bucket for cords are all things that are great additions. The electric lift is perfect for a K-7 school, so that all students can reach and use our interactive board with ease.  Most teachers at our schools are wishing their boards were not mounted to the walls after getting our new carts.  I can see us purchasing more carts in the future, as the price is very reasonable compared to others we have purchased in the past.

-Tara B., Elementary School Instructional Coach, Hay River, NWT

We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the iRover2 and the amazing support we have received from Copernicus. The assembly and setup of the carts is very easy. The reaction from teachers has been very positive, they love the motorized lift and small size of the unit. iRover2s are in use in our classrooms on a daily basis and have withstood the rigors of student use. After evaluating a number of different carts, we decided to stay with Copernicus. It has become the only cart schools are allowed to purchase for their SMART Boards.

-Brian Wiegand, Technology Support Supervisor, Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

I have had the pleasure of using the Copernicus flat panel cart in my classroom this year.  The cart is easily portable between my class and other rooms.  The ease of adjusting the height of the display device is great. You can tell from the quality of construction that these carts are built to be highly functional and durable.

-Simon Wells, Teacher, Boyne Public School, Milton, ON

I’ve had the chance to use my SMARTboard in a variety of new ways, now that it does not have a permanent residence on the wall in my classroom. We are able to wheel the cart around the classroom for students to use if they need a larger space than their iPads afford them. I can also position the board so I can see it from different angles in the classroom. If you’re thinking about moving your interactive whiteboard from a static wall spot to a mobile cart, I highly recommend that you do it! I haven’t regretted the decision at all.

-Jessica M., K-5 STEAM Teacher, Jessica Meacham’s Classroom Snapshots