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iRover2 Interactive Flat Panel Easel

iRover2 Interactive Flat Panel Easel

$1,315.00 $328.75 USD Limited stock available.

This new easel hybrid was designed for primary classroom environments. To maximize its footprint, it combines a durable flat panel cart with convenient storage often found in traditional teaching easels for manipulatives, books and other materials. The flat panel is low to the ground to accommodate little learners and students with special needs accommodation.

As education continues to shift to smaller class sizes and different configurations to accommodate physical distancing, classrooms are regularly rearranged to accommodate different types of learning scenarios. Webcams can be attached to the the flat panel with our optional WebCam Mount to record and broadcast lessons to students learning remotely. An optional Sound bar mount is also available to enhance and better project the audio. Having your flat panel mounted on a cart allows it to be used for whole class or small group instruction and it can be shared between classrooms. The iRover2® family offers a range of rugged carts with durable 5" casters to move interactive flat panels anywhere learning takes place. 

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